Air AmbulanceAir Trek Air Ambulance, one of the Nation’s oldest air ambulance services, is a family owned and operated aero medical program has been providing air medical transportation service since 1978.

AIR TREK AIR AMBULANCE is a full service air ambulance and commercial repatriation service who is fully licensed by State of Florida Department of Health.

We are dedicated to providing top quality medical transportation service to our patients. We work with registered nurses, paramedics, surgeons, physicians, doctors, respiratory therapists and other medical professionals worldwide to ensure the best medflight service possible.

All air ambulance teams are specially trained in flight physiology. This means they are uniquely qualified to handle special situations that arise at altitude.

The AIR TREK flight team consist of a Flight Registered Nurse and Flight Paramedic/Flight Registered Respiratory Therapist who have obtained the following qualifications:

  • Licensed Flight Registered Nurse or Flight Paramedic
  • Five Years Critical Care Experience
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification
  • Flight Safety Training in accordance with FAA Regulations
  • Aviation Physiology Training

In addition to our medical staff, Air Trek works with paramedics, doctors, physisians and other medical professionals worldwide. We will also coordinate with other fixed-wing, rotorcraft/helicopter, careflight and lifeport operators to ensure a truly global response.